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Busy Moms: 

Are you noticing that your children are more connected to a screen and a set of earbuds than they are to your own family these days? 

Keep reading to learn how you and your parents can connect all generations of your family before it's too late.

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  • Do you admire the life your parent or grandparent has lived? 

  • Do you want to know your loved ones more deeply before they pass away or lose their memories to illness?

  • Do you want your children to know how to cope, hope, prosper, and enjoy their lives? 

  • Are you sure your parents and grandparents know they positively impacted your life and that you will never forget them?

  • Have you ever saved a voicemail to repeatedly listen to your loved one's voice?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then I can help you!

Learn More About Michelle

Hi! I'm Michelle Beckman, and I work with busy moms and their parents to help all generations of their families to know they belong, have been heard, and will be remembered forever.

I help people write or record their bite-sized memoirs so they can pass their values and history down through the generations.

Famous people have been writing their memoirs for hundreds of years, but ordinary, humble people often believe no one is interested in their stories.

As parents who realize that our time with our families is finite, we know we want to connect more fully with our loved ones now as well as when we lose them to memory loss or death. Bite-sized memoirs allow us preserve our family's ordinary but inspiring—often untold—stories.

Studies show that children who know their family's history have a higher level of self-esteem and overall sense of well-being than children who do not know their family's history, beliefs, and values.

Other studies show that when Baby Boomers, Silent Generation members, and Greatest Generation members share their stories, they realize their lives mattered, and they have self-worth.

Would you like to give you children and your parents or grandparents a gift--the ability to hope, cope, prosper, and enjoy their lives? You can, and I can help.

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Bite-sized memoirs

A bite-sized memoir is a short story (5-10 minutes) that your loved one shares in his own voice and in his own words. Each loved one, especially children, can read or listen to a bite-sized memoir in one sitting.

Ten-year-old book and movie reviewer Timothy Churchill from Tim Talk recently told me, "When I read shorter chapters, I feel like I accomplished something. I get so excited that I feel like I can read just one more chapter. When I read a book with long chapters, sometimes I get bored or depressed and don't want to pick the book up again."

When your loved one takes the time to write his/her memoir, I want your family to take the book off of the shelf, crack the binding, and read the stories. I want your loved one's memoir to be one of the top playlists in your grandchild's iPod.

Your loved ones are more likely to keep your memoir front and center if your stories are presented in bite-sized pieces.

Time 4 A S-T-O-R-Y Recipe for Memoir Success 3-D PNG

My Recipe for Memoir Success

You or your loved one can (and should) save your life story. You just need to know how.

My Time 4 A S-T-O-R-Y Recipe for Memoir Success Guide gives you a proven set of ingredients and steps to help you start and finish your memoir before it's too late.

Don't You Think It's time?

It's time to start preserving your family's history. It's time to help your parents and grandparents know that their lives mattered. It's time to show your children what your family is made of.

Learn how I can help you save your family's legacy before it's too late: