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Are your children more connected to
screens than they are to your own family?

Show your children (and your parents) they belong to an awesome family that is more fascinatinginspiring and courageous than the virtual characters they connect with on their screens.

Save your life story or the story of a loved one today.

3 generations

Do you hear your family saying...

♥ We never see Johnny anymore. He's always in front of his computer. It's like we lost a member of our family.

♥ If you knew the sacrifices your grandfather made, you wouldn't act so entitled!

♥ Kids these days don't appreciate how good they have it.

♥ Middle school mean girls are taking advantage of and bullying my daughter.

♥ My mother was the strongest person I knew. I wish the world could hear her story, and I could hear her voice. I miss her.

♥ My son hates reading. I wish I could convince him to read a book.

♥ I wish I had one more day with my dad.
I'd ask him if he loved me, how he stayed so strong for our family,
and if he knows how proud of him I am.

Photo by Mikael Kristenson via Unsplash.com licensed under CC 0 1.0 public domain
Photo by Mikael Kristenson via Unsplash.com licensed under CC 0 1.0 public domain

I can help your family say...

♥ Grandma, tell me the story about living on the farm when you were a kid—again.

♥ My great-grandfather is a hero. He was a lieutenant in WWII,  jumped out of planes, and lived in a foxhole through most of the winter. I want to be as brave as he is!

♥ My grandmother had to feed six kids without a lot of money. I just found out how she did it, and now I know I can too.

♥ My daughter knows who she is and the type of family she comes from. She is thriving in the midst of middle school social pressures!

♥ Mom, will you sign my copy of your book? I can't wait to read your memoir! (And, may I have a copy for my best friend?)

♥ I asked my teacher if I can write my book report on Pop-Pop's memoir. I read the whole book already!

♥ I'm so glad I can hear my dad's voice and advice anytime I want. I cherish these CDs and read his book so often that I keep it on our coffee table.

Photo by Ermin Celikovic via Unsplash.com is licensed under CC 0 1.0 public domain
Photo by Ermin Celikovic via Unsplash.com is licensed under CC 0 1.0 public domain

They Belong, Have Been Heard, and Will Be Remembered

Hi! I'm Michelle Beckman, and I work with busy parents and grandparents to help all generations of their families know they belong, have been heard, and will be remembered forever.

I help parents and grandparents write or record bite-sized memoirs so they can pass their values and history down through all generations of their families.

Famous people have been writing their memoirs for hundreds of years, but ordinary, humble people often believe no one is interested in their stories.

In my experience, families who read their parents' or grandparents' stories crave more. In fact, most adult children, teens, and young children ask the author—their parent or grandparent—to write a sequel.

Photo Courtesy of Sonja Langford

Bite-sized memoirs

A bite-sized memoir is a short story (5-10 minutes) that your loved one shares in his own voice and in his own words. Each loved one, especially children, can read or listen to a bite-sized memoir in one sitting.

When your loved one takes the time to write his/her memoir, I want your family to take the book off of the shelf, crack the binding, and read the stories. I want your loved one's memoir to be one of the top playlists in his grandchild's iPod.

Your loved ones are more likely to keep your memoir front and center if your stories are presented in bite-sized pieces.


Just One More Chapter

Ten-year-old book and movie reviewer Timothy Churchill from Tim Talk recently told me, "When I read shorter chapters, I feel like I accomplished something. I get so excited and feel like I can read just one more chapter. When I read a book with long chapters, sometimes I get bored or depressed and don't want to pick the book up again."

Don't You Think It's time?

It's time to start preserving your family's history. It's time to help your parents and grandparents know that their lives mattered. It's time to show your children what your family is made of.

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