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Would you like to honor your parents
and empower your children?

3 generations
  • Do you believe your children need to know they belong to a family with strong beliefs and values?

  • Are you sure your parents and grandparents know they positively impacted your life and that you will never forget them?

  • Have you ever saved a voicemail to repeatedly listen to your loved one's voice?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then I can help you!

I help your family pass down your values and history so all generations know they belong, have been heard, and will be remembered.

The Power of His(or Her) Story

Studies show that children who know their family's history, have a higher level of self-esteem and overall sense of well-being.

Other studies show that when Baby Boomers, Silent Generation members, and Greatest Generation members share their stories, they realize their lives mattered, and they have self-worth.

Would you like to give you children and your parents or grandparents a gift--the ability to hope, cope, prosper, and enjoy their lives? You can, and I can help.

Bite-sized memoirs

Famous people have been writing their memoirs for hundreds of years, but ordinary, humble people often believe no one is interested in their stories.

As parents who realize that our time with our families is finite, we know we want to connect more fully with our loved ones now and when we lose them to memory loss or death. Bite-sized memoirs allow us preserve our family's ordinary but inspiring—often untold—stories.

A bite-sized memoir is a short story (5-10 minutes) that your loved one shares in his own voice and in his own words. Each loved one can read or listen to a bite-sized memoir in one sitting.

Why Bite-Sized Memoirs?

Families are so busy these days that many loved ones do not have as much time to enjoy reading a book as they have in the past.

Although I try to read at night, I find myself reading while waiting for a doctor's appointment, or in the pickup line for school, or for 10 minutes before I fall asleep at night.

Many parents and children listen to audio books during the commute to work or school or during a family vacation.

When you take the time to write your memoir, I want your loved ones to take the book off of the shelf, crack the binding, and read your stories. I want your memoir to be one of the top playlists in your grandchild's iPod.

Your loved ones are more likely to keep your memoir front and center if your stories are presented in bite-sized pieces.

We save and present bite-sized memoirs as audio tracks on a CD or as chapters in a book to reach your family's eyes and ears for generations to come.

As Easy As Sharing a Story at Sunday Dinner

Preserving a loved one's stories does not need to be difficult or something that you delay.

When your loved one works with us, he/she will tell his story in the comfort of his/her own home. When you listen to or read the new family heirloom, you will say, "That sounds just like Grandma", and we will say, "Success!"

How Can We Help?

Whether your loved one chooses to preserve his memoirs independently or with help, simply sharing his legacy with your family can create deeper connections between generations now and forever.

Do you have a family member who should share his/her story but you're not sure how to approach him/her? Click on one or more of the links below to see how Sunday Dinner Stories can help:

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