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I'm Your Regret Preventer

When people hear about what I do, they always say, "I wish I knew you before So-and-So passed away." Their words are filled with regret.

I call myself a Regret Preventer because I can help you know your loved ones more deeply before it is too late. I can help your loved ones say what needs to be said before it is too late. I can help you say, "I'm so glad I met you before So-and-So passed away."

Dear Daughter,

Once upon a time,

I was more than a taxi driver, chef, coach, wallet, and a warden.

In high school, I was the leader of my pack.

Fishing and hiking brought me peace and understanding.

When I met your mother, it was love at first sight.

I would have died for my WWII band of my own brothers.

The only thing that scared me more than the war was becoming a parent. Would I make a mistake?

I learned more from losing my business than I did in business school.

You have been the greatest gift in my life, and you are a caring, compassionate mom for your children.

I have secretly feared losing my memory for the past ten years.

I didn't realize how much I wanted to share my life story with until it was too late.

I will love you forever,


Photo used with permission from Sandy McDonald
Photo used with permission from Sandy McDonald

It's Time!

for your parent, your grandparent, or maybe even you to leave your Legacy of Love and empower your family forever.

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Do you hear your family saying...

♥ Before Alzheimer's hit, my mother was the strongest person I knew. I wish the world could hear her story. I miss her.

♥ I wish I had one more day with my dad. I'd ask him if he loved me, how he stayed so strong for our family, and if he knows how proud of him I am.

♥ I wish I could hear my mom's voice on more than a voicemail recording.

♥ If you knew the sacrifices your grandfather made, you wouldn't act so entitled!

♥ I want to know how mom became the mom I know today.

♥ My son hates reading. I wish I could convince him to read a book.

Photo by Mikael Kristenson via Unsplash.com licensed under CC 0 1.0 public domain
Photo by Mikael Kristenson via Unsplash.com licensed under CC 0 1.0 public domain

We can help your family say...

♥ Grandma, tell me the story about living on the farm when you were a kid—again.

♥ My great-grandfather is a hero. He was a lieutenant in WWII,  jumped out of planes, and lived in a foxhole through most of the winter. I want to be as brave as he is!

♥ My grandmother had to feed six kids without a lot of money. I just found out how she did it, and now I know I can too.

♥ I'm so glad I can hear my dad's voice and advice anytime I want. I cherish these recordings and read his book so often that I keep it on our coffee table.

♥ Mom, will you sign my copy of your book? I can't wait to read your memoir! (And, may I have a copy for my best friend?)

♥ I asked my teacher if I can write my book report on Pop-Pop's memoir. I read the whole book already!

Photo by Ermin Celikovic via Unsplash.com is licensed under CC 0 1.0 public domain
Photo by Ermin Celikovic via Unsplash.com is licensed under CC 0 1.0 public domain

They Belong, Have Been Heard, and Will Be Remembered

Hi! I'm Michelle Beckman. I help your loved ones get their life stories from their hearts and their heads on to paper and playlists.

I want all generations of your family to feel like they belong, have been heard, and will be remembered forever.

When your parents and grandparents save their 5-minute memoirs as a book or audio recordings, they pass their values, their history, and themselves down to all generations of your family.

Famous people have been writing their memoirs for hundreds of years, but ordinary, humble people often believe no one is interested in their stories.

In my experience, families who read their loved ones' memoirs crave more stories and feel blessed to know their loved ones more deeply. Once the story is saved, the real conversation begins. Will you begin before it's too late?

Photo Courtesy of Sonja Langford

5-Minute Memoirs

A 5-minute memoir is a short story (5-10 minutes) that your loved one shares in his own voice and in his own words. Each loved one, especially children, can read or listen to a 5-minute memoir in one sitting.

When your loved one takes the time to write his/her life story, we want your family to take the book off of the shelf, crack the binding, and read the stories. We want your loved one's memoir to be one of the top playlists in his grandchild's iPod.

Your loved ones are more likely to keep your memoir front and center if your stories are presented in bite-sized pieces.


Just One More Chapter

Ten-year-old book and movie reviewer Timothy Churchill from Tim Talk recently told us, "When I read shorter chapters, I feel like I accomplished something. I get so excited and feel like I can read just one more chapter. When I read a book with long chapters, sometimes I get bored or depressed and don't want to pick the book up again."

What to Do Now

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