Save A Life Story Conversation

Are You Ready to Preserve a Life Story?

A complimentary Save A Life Story Conversation is our first step toward identifying whether we should work together. During our conversation, we will learn more about each other. We will discuss your goals, fears, expectations, challenges, etc.

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Why is a conversation necessary?

Sharing your stories with another individual can be a deeply personal experience. You and your loved one must feel comfortable with and trust your personal historian. You must feel confident that your memoirist is competent and has your best interests at heart.

During our conversation, you can ask anything about our business that will help you feel more comfortable about working with us. By the end of our meeting, we will each have a better idea of how well we will work together and which services might meet your family's needs.

We also want to ensure that our services are appropriate for your family. We have the same goal—to pass your loved one's history and values down through all generations of your family.  To that end, it is important that we discuss your objectives, timeframe, potential scope, budget, etc.

What if I am not the proposed storyteller?

Often the person who contacts us, is not the storyteller. Instead, our client is an adult child or grandchild who would like a loved one to preserve his/her personal history for the rest of the family.

If we decide to move forward and you are not the storyteller, then we will schedule a subsequent conversation with the storyteller to get acquainted.  Rest assured, no storyteller will be forced to participate in a project—EVER—it must be his/her choice to tell the stories.

What if I'm still not sure?

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form above. You might also like to check out our How It Works page to learn more about how we work with our clients.