Free Gift: How to Leave Your Legacy of Love and Empower Your Family Forever

What is a Legacy?

You hear the word legacy everywhere, but what exactly does legacy mean?

Your legacy is how you want to be remembered.

Your documented Legacy of Love helps your family, friends, and the world know what is important to you—what you value—so you will be remembered the way you want to be remembered and you can empower your family forever.

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Leave a Legacy of Love for your Family!

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Your Legacy of Love is
More Than Just Your Bank Account

It's your stories of special items, traditions, beliefs, and life lessons that you want to pass down so future generations know what you value most in life, know who you are, and are empowered by your life story.

Journalists write about

a famous athlete’s legacy in terms of wins and losses

a famous entrepreneur’s legacy in terms of monetary success

a philanthropist’s legacy in terms of charitable donations, and

a president’s legacy in terms of long-lasting programs and ideologies.


But what about you? What if you are not rich or famous? 

Do you have a legacy to pass on to your children and grandchildren?

We believe you do.

A legacy defined only in terms of fame or fortune, however, will surely shortchange your family and friends.

Your Legacy of Love

Is a gift that only you can give your family.

Is shared in your unique voice. No one else can tell your story quite like you can.

Has the potential to empower your children and grandchildren.

Has the potential to reduce family strife and jealousy through truth and honesty.

Makes room for forgiveness, honor, compassion, and grace.

Eases the guilt of not knowing your wishes and instructions your children may feel.

Gives you peace of mind.

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Have You Thought About the Legacy You or
Your Loved One Will Leave Your Family?

If you or your parents have considered the legacy that you'll leave for your children and grandchildren, are you thinking....

This is too overwhelming?

I don't know where to start?

I don't even know what to include in my legacy.

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You'll learn more about the 4 Cornerstones of my Legacy of Love program, and you'll be on your way to empowering your family forever.

The 4 Cornerstones

Beliefs, Values, and Life Lessons
Beliefs, Values, and Life Lessons
Treasured Possessions
Treasured Possessions
Facts and Information
Facts and Information

Your Beliefs, Values, and
Life Lessons

Your Treasured

Your Facts and

Your Wishes

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