5-Minute Memoir™ Collection Packages

Save your loved one's 5-Minute Memoirs™...

in his/her own voice with his/her words as audio tracks  in a playlist or chapters in a book intended for family and friends (not retail distribution).

One Storyteller works with your memoirist to create a family heirloom—a book or a set of audio tracks (a playlist) that captures stories, beliefs, values, and life lessons describing your loved one and the life your loved one led.

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Each chapter in the collection will be saved as an audio track in a playlist or written as an independent narrative that can stand alone in a book.

Most audience members will silently read each chapter in 5-10 minutes (i.e., approximately 1,200-2,500 words per chapter). If read aloud, perhaps 15-20 minutes.

Share your loved one's playlist and books with family and friends. Please contact us to discuss retail (e.g., Amazon, etc.) alternatives and fees.

How It Works

Step 1: If you are interested in publishing a loved one's memoir, please contact us (978.455.2166) so we can schedule a Save a Life Story Conversation. We will talk about your goals, and we'll discuss if and how we can help you.

During our conversation, we'll help you determine whether to present your loved one's 5-Minute Memoir™ Collection as audio tracks in a playlist and/or chapters in a book.

Step 2: Once we decide to work together, we'll walk you through the whole process. We'll start with a Getting to Know You Questionnaire and a planning session to determine the scope of the stories you'd like to include. This is where the fun begins! Along with your loved one, select a topic or set of topics (See our suggested topics), review photos, life events, memorabilia, and heirlooms. Jot down stories your loved one might tell.

Step 3: Your loved one and your memoirist will meet for each storytelling session. Your memoirist will record each session and scan photographs for the book and/or audio case.

Step 4: Your memoirist will fully edit and transform the recordings and scanned photos (if applicable) into audio tracks in a playlist or chapters in a book. The words will sound just like your loved one.

Step 5: Celebrate and honor your loved one during a family gathering to debut his/her memoirs. Repeatedly enjoy, learn from, and remember your loved one's memoir heirloom now and in the future.

What To Do Now?

Contact us to purchase your package or schedule a Save A Life Story Conversation via this link , the form to the right or via phone at 978.455.2166.

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