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Michelle Beckman adores teaching people of all ages how to save their Legacies of Love—their beliefs, values, life lessons, and life stories—for all generations of their families.

She has presented to women's organizations, genealogy groups, church organizations, library patrons, writing groups, and even fourth graders.

Michelle is known as your Regret Preventer. She works with your loved ones to save their life stories as books and audio playlists before it's too late. She wants all generations to know they belong, have been heard, and will be remembered.

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The opportunity to spend time with your members is our privilege.

During our presentations and workshops, we want your members to...

  • Learn how they can connect with their families forever
  • Have fun and stay engaged
  • Know where they can find help and resources

Presentation and Workshop Offerings

Who Cares About Your Family's Special Heirlooms?

Do you or your loved one have a lot of “stuff”? Does your loved one get sad or angry when you suggest decluttering a few items?

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of sentimental items coming your way or if you are afraid that no one else cares about your family’s heirlooms, please join us for an interactive storytelling workshop.

Learn to curate your loved one’s special belongings and celebrate your loved one’s life so all generations of your family know they belong, have been heard, and will be remembered. Bring a friend, an heirloom, and a story—let’s have some fun sharing our stories of “stuff”!

Duration: 90 mins standard. We can adjust to your meeting schedule.
Price: Complimentary or honorarium

Dealing with "Stuff" is a Hot Topic these days. We've included a handful of articles below that describe the issues families face during the greatest transfer of wealth in our history.

Video: Love and Stuff by Judith Helfand, New York Times

Audio: How unwanted family heirlooms create a divide with aging parents

Aging Parents With Lots of Stuff, and Children Who Don’t Want It

Heirloom Storage Boxes and the Doily Problem

Nobody wants the family heirlooms anymore

The story of (getting rid of) stuff

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Our audience members say...

“If you missed today's meeting you missed a really good time. Michelle Beckman presented on family heirlooms: what they are and how to preserve their stories. She had many good examples and had invited attendees to bring their own cherished objects. We laughed, we cried… We enjoyed a touching and enriching morning.”

Denise Picard Lindgren, Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, Inc. Merrimack Valley Chapter


“Michelle did a great job sharing her family stories and enticing us to remember and tell our family stories. Thank you, Michelle.”

June, Workshop Attendee


“Michelle’s program was interactive, informative, and inspiring. She came with samples of her work and lots of tips for how to get started in recording your anecdotes.”

Meg Moran, Community & Communications Church Board Member

Discover How to Empower All Generations of Your Family One Story at a Time

Do you regret losing your parents or grandparents before you truly knew them? Do you wish that your children and grandchildren could understand how you became the person you are today? Would you like to connect more fully with your children and grandchildren? In this presentation, we will show you ♥ Why your legacy is more than the money you leave your loved ones ♥ What you should include in your (or your loved one's) Legacy of Love ♥ How your stories can empower all generations of your family.

Duration: 20 mins standard. We can adjust to your meeting schedule.
Price: Complimentary or honorarium

Jumpstart Your Legacy of Love Writing Workshop

Do you hear the word legacy everywhere these days? What does legacy mean to you? Do you think you need to be rich and famous to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren? It’s time to dispel the myths.

Your life matters, and leaving your mark on the world is a gift for all willing to receive it. Join Michelle Beckman, founder of Sunday Dinner Stories, in this workshop to learn how to empower and cherish all generations of your family with your unique Legacy of Love. Bring a friend, a story, and let’s start writing!

Duration: 120 mins

Price (One workshop): $35 per person, minimum 4 participants

Articles about the importance of leaving a legacy and the growing popularity of writing your memoir:

Appeal of Writing Memoirs Grows, as Do Publishing Options by Elizabeth Olson, New York Times

The Stories That Bind Us  by Bruce Feiler, New York Times

Telling Their Life Stories, Older Adults Find Peace in Looking Back  by Susan B.Garland, New York Times

The Allianz American Legacies Pulse Survey: "Legacies were still about life stories and values."